Dr. Greg Nichols on Proper Method

Lectures in Systematic Theology - Greg Nichols

As I was reading through the introduction to Dr. Greg Nichols monumental Lectures In Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God I came across this very helpful paragraph on the proper method of conducting systematic theology in a way that would do justice to the Scripture’s position of authority in the life of the church, and, at the same time, recognize that Christ has given the Church gifted pastors and teacher that prayerfully and faithful expound the truths found in the Bible for the edification of God’s people. (Ephesians 4:11-15)


II. The Proper Method of Conducting Systematic Theology

I use “proper” to depict that which is most prudent and most likely to achieve a God-honoring result. The proper method involves two components, “biblical exegesis” and “historical theology.” I use “biblical exegesis” to refer to careful exposition of every key biblical text that addresses a given topic. I use “historical theology” to depict diligent study of church creeds and theological and exegetical works that address a given topic. Systematics must couple these two things.

Nichols, Gregory G. Lectures in Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God. Vol. 1. Grand Rapids: Greg Nichols, 2017. Kindle.



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