G. K. Beale on Biblical Theology and Its Prescriptive Element

Beale - New Testament Biblical Theology

This is an excerpt from G. K. Beale’s A New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New. He is speaking about the development of biblical theologies and their relationship to the Christian life:

A proper understanding and development of OT and NT theology reveals that theology is not only descriptive but also prescriptive. That is, the mere development of a theology of either Testament is a descriptive task, but the content of that theology manifests an imperative for God’s people to follow and obey. (pg. 5)

Unfortunately, this presupposition (and a good one to have) is easily lost on students of theology. Ultimately, the God of the Bible and the theology that can be derived from the Bible calls the church to faith and obedience. It calls Christians to live holy lives for the glory of God. Without that, the study of theology is nothing more than an academic exercise that is best left out of the church and in the halls of liberal academia.

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