Hermeneutics: How To Read the Bible (Part 2) – Labs on the “Meaning of a Text”

It is no longer possible to assume that when readers are trying to figure out the “meaning” of a text, the “meaning” they are looking for is what the author intended to communicate. With Postmodernism’s ubiquitous assumption that anything you read can be understood to “mean” any number of things, it has become increasingly difficult convince people, even people in the church, that the text of Scripture has a true, knowable, and sure meaning that is universal and unalterable.

The following set of videos by John Piper seek to explain what “meaning” means (I know. A ridiculous play on words), how to get to the meaning, and why its important for the Christian to know this when they are reading their Bibles.

What Does “Meaning” Mean? Part 1

What Does “Meaning” Mean? Part 2

What Does “Meaning” Mean? Part 3

What Does “Meaning” Mean? Part 4

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