Reading Whole Books… As Intended

I found this pretty neat chart that shows you how long it takes (on average) to read through an entire book of the Bible. (From 3 Tips For Better Bible Reading) And here’s the response that Andy Naselli gives to a common objection against reading through an entire book:

I understand the objection: “There’s no way I could possibly find time to do this.” But aren’t there other activities you do in life for prolonged periods of time? Do you read other books for a few hours at a time? Do you ever spend an hour watching a TV show or two hours watching a movie or three hours watching a football game? Why not prioritize lengthy, undistracted time in the life-giving word?

It’s difficult to argue against that.

Bible Reading Times

Why not try to read through an entire book in one sitting? Remember that chapter and verse numbers are relatively new additions to our Bibles. Reading whole books is the way the Bible was meant to be read. Consider the New Testament: The longest books take approximately 2.5 hours (Matthew and Luke) and most can be read in under 20 minutes!

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