Welcome to Theology for Life!


My name is Jose. And this is my wonderful family. I’m a graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (BA in Christian Ministry) and now attend Northeastern Seminary in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (New Testament). I am a volunteer chaplain at our local hospital. My family and I worship at Hwy M Chapel (Sedalia, MO), and I teach the monthly Bible/Theology Class (we are currently going through the Pauline Epistles).

Hobbies include roasting my own coffee, playing chess with friends, reading, and just being with my family and my church.

I love all things “Pauline”. I am fascinated by all of it: who Paul was; what he wrote; why he wrote it. But I am also enamored by the world in which Paul lived and my great joy and passion are to help others understand that world so that they can understand the Bible better.

This leads to a second passion of mine: hermeneutics and the history of hermeneutics. The history of biblical interpretation is important to understand because it makes us better interpreters of the Bible.

What you will find on this site are articles, snippets, book review, and general reflections that primarily address these topics. My views on these are developing and I am not afraid of being wrong. So, welcome and join the conversation as we explore the Bible and seek to glorify God by learning what it means to live like Jesus!