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Hermeneutics: The Antagonist and the Goal

The word “hermeneutics” is derived from the Greek word that means “to interpret.” It the science and art of interpretation, with its own set of rules and principles. You may not realize it but you use hermeneutics every day. When you read your favorite…

Postmodernism: What We Are Up Against

Jacques Derrida: Father of Desconstructionism

(Picture: Jacques Derrida, Father of Deconstructionism) While reading Matthew Barrett’s God’s Word Alone: The Authority of Scripture, I came across this description of the Postmodern worldview. This is why I believe that it is indispensable that believers who hold to the doctrine of the inerrancy,…

Hermeneutics (1): How To Read the Bible (Part 1)

First things first: How do you approach your time of Bible reading? If we want to become able interpreters of the Bible, we must first start with the basics. We can not interpret anything unless it is first read, and, I would suggest that…

D. A. Carson – Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture


Spurgeon on Reading the Bible

I have found this to be a great encouragement (and, at times, a gentle rebuke). This also serves as a good prelude to my series on Hermeneutics and the Doctrine of Scripture. I am finalizing the first post and will have it out soon….