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It’s been a while. We have a new addition to our household, but more on that later. I just wanted to reblog this post I found on the importance of historical study when it comes to our understanding of the Bible. I found it helpful. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments below letting me know what you think.   We got a few responses from our┬áReading Romans in Context: Paul and… Read More

As you might be able to tell from my previous post, my approach to Bible study does not take a path that is conventional by any means in most evangelical churches. Many of us are used to the “topical” method where we decide on a topic we want to study and find passages that address it. We then string those passages together and seek to apply what they teach. The main problem… Read More

It is no longer possible to assume that when readers are trying to figure out the “meaning” of a text, the “meaning” they are looking for is what the author intended to communicate. With Postmodernism’s ubiquitous assumption that anything you read can be understood to “mean” any number of things, it has become increasingly difficult convince people, even people in the church, that the text of Scripture has a true, knowable, and… Read More

I have tried multiple different schedules/methods for daily Bible reading. Everything from the good-ole fashion “1 Chapter from Old, 1 Chapter from New” each day (left me feeling a little famished) to the very ambitious Dr. Horner’s Bible Reading System. Here’s an article that describes my preferred system and the one I’ve been using for a while now. By focusing on one book, reading that book over and over for a period… Read More

First things first: How do you approach your time of Bible reading? If we want to become able interpreters of the Bible, we must first start with the basics. We can not interpret anything unless it is first read, and, I would suggest that how you read your Bible will make a world of difference. How you approach this holiest of books will determine whether you grow in your understanding of God’s… Read More